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Areas Treated

Inside your home:

Kitchen, bathroom, garage, water heater closets, plumbing penetrations, built in cabinets, exterior doors and thresholds


Perimeter treatment around house, around windows, crawlspace, cracks and crevices, and remove spider webs

Outlying Areas:

Trash Storage Area, pool pumps and filters, mulched flower beds, dog pens, storage buildings

Freeze Treatment

We offer a FREEZE TREATMENT for Bed Bugs using the newest Cryonite Technology which is the latest technology in the fight against Bed Bugs.

Cryonite is an innovative, non-toxic patented technology used for the elimination of crawling insects in all stages of life. It has been used extensively in Europe, Australia and the United States with proven results. The Cryonite system releases CO2 as "snow" which, when applied to the infested sites, rapidly kills bed bugs, cockroaches and flour beetles on contact. Cryonite is unique because it’s not only effective in killing pests, it’s environmentally-safe, 100% organic and hygienic. If you are having problems with Bed Bugs please contact us for a quote and let use rid you of Bed Bugs today!

How Our Freeze Treatment Works

KILLS: Cryonite kills insects by freezing. The freezing process is rapid and reaches a very low temperature. The speed is essential for effectiveness. The cooling medium is carbon dioxide snow, which the Cryonite unit sprays from the specially designed and patented nozzle.
DRY: Frozen carbon dioxide is also referred to as “dry ice”, as it sublimates, is converts from ice/snow directly to gas with no liquid phase in between. This enables treatment in areas such as electrical sockets, motors, pipes, cabinets and more. For example, when used in the food processing facility, flour will not turn into gooey dough!
SWIFT: Through an optimal combination of snow particle size and speed, the cooling is quick enough to ensure that bugs, including eggs and larvae, will not survive.
ERGONOMIC: The Cryonite unit is ergonomic in design, with a telescope function for extended reach and easy working posture and a “goose-neck” which can be angled up to 90° or more for optimal spraying angle.
PENETRATES: The Cryonite snow penetrates easily into deep cracks and crevices, complicated machines, and reaches far into long pipes.
POISON-FREE: As the method is non-poisonous, there are many advantages:
- use it anywhere, anytime.
- even on surfaces in contact with food (e.g. bakeries, kitchens).
- if your production line can’t be stopped, any critical problems can still be dealt with quickly!

Termites: What We Do

We will schedule an appointment so that we can do a complete termite inspection of your home and show you our findings. If you have a current infestation we will then show you the areas of your home that needs to be treated to get rid of the termites and to control the problem. We will set you up on an annual plan so that we can come back to monitor your home to make sure that our treatment was a success.

Termite Inspection

Will will do a complete and thorough inpection of all visible and accessible areas of your home for any signs of active termites. We will fill out all forms that are necessary for any type of home loans whether you are selling, buying or refinancing a home. Call for pricing.

  • For new construction termite pre-treatment, We will fill out all necessary forms. Call for Pricing.

Our Guarantee

A unique no cost re-treatment agreement:

We are the only company bold enough to offer a no cost re-treatment agreement. 100% satisfaction or your money back - If you're not happy with our services, we will keep working until you are satisfied or we will credit or refund the cost of your last service.

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